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Transpart specializes in custom solutions in the field of level measuring.  We can produce sensors according to your specifications. We have years of experience producing different types of sensors for different forms of transport.

Whether you need a sensor for a truck, a train or a boat, we can deliver the fitting solution.


Because of our ability to produce sensors according to every specification, we can deliver a broad range of sensors. We are very good in translating your wishes into the sensors you need. The production process is up to the ISO certification.


As a result of our high quality products, our short communication lines and our excellent technical support we are able to provide the service you can expect from a OEM supplier.


TransPart B.V.
Modempark 9

4538 BS Terneuzen


T +31 (0)115 649 961

F +31 (0)115 649 890

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